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  • Tips to keep a healthy heart

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    Socio-Economic Survey (NSES 2004) shows the three main risk factors are interrelated as a cause of non-communicable diseases such as heart disease and stroke are smoking, lack of physical activity and eating unbalanced continue to rise. Ironically, many women can be more worried about the dangers of heart disease husband or partner than himself. In fact, maintaining heart health is very easy to do. No matter how small lifestyle changes can improve your quality of life and reduce the risk of heart attack by 50 percent. - See more at: http://rianhealth.com/tips-to-keep-a-healthy-heart/

  • Towards a Global Network of Internet and Society Centers: A Symposium on Internet-DrIven Developments: structural Changes and tipping points

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    A Symposium on Internet-DrIven Developments: structural Changes and tipping points


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    Ever Nyekrip? what it nyekrip? Maybe some of us never do, but some do not know what the hell Nyekrip it.
    Nyekrip, or the default language is a programming language is a programming activity and algorithms are then compiled to create a program.
    Nyekrip or Ngoding is a term commonly mentioned by programmers. Understanding ballpark is "making the code" of a program. Or it could also mean "to write the program in a specific programming language". However, a more precise meaning of Nyekrip it change the syntax-syntax notation algorithms of algorithmic or pseudo-code into syntax-specific programming language syntax that can be made binary files (EXE-files on windows).
    When making applications, and write source code using a particular programming language, so he called being Nyekrip.
    Nyekrip it cool to know. Why is that? With Nyekrip, we can create something. We can see our creations goes according to expectations and we can play around with it. Definitely my friends never feel happiness if what we are doing can operate successfully. 
    Nyekrip too. He can be regarded as the art of creating something even if not in physical form.
    Besides fun, if we are good at Nyekrip we can practice it, you know. Call it to solve problems that are all around us, we can create a program. I remember when to make a small program called "scrambler Group" to create study groups and task. When the program was so small and can walk, I felt great joy.
    To a greater extent, with the ability Nyekrip we also have more skills and are ready to face this globalization era.

  • World news

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    The news of the world in multiple languages

  • Yusuf Blog

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    yusufblog.com is a site that's contain download free software, latest software 2015, Computer tutorial and technology new

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