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"A group of online activists is crowdsourcing the preservation of one of the most significant heritage sites in the world while pressuring for the release of a key advocate for free-access Internet in Syria. Launched earlier this week, New Palmyra is an online archive and data repository that seeks to re-construct its ancient namesake city, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, using models generated from photos gathered by Syria-based open-access-Internet advocate Bassel Khartabil from 2005 until his arrest by the country’s Assad regime in 2012.  The city, which had long been a desert oasis, rose to prominence under Roman rule in the 1st-century A.D. The ruins of its structures, which married Greco-Roman building styles with Persian influences, were discovered and made public by travelers to the region during the 17th and 18th centuries. Since then, the site has informed architecture and archaeology, among other fields, but in the past year has been all but obliterated at the hands of ISIS, which has controlled Palmyra since May ..."


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